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Buss McClelland ( - )
Portland, OR
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Buss McClelland shown at the original 4/13 Wood organ at Oaks Park Rink, date unknown. Image courtesy Dianne Bollinger
According to William Hansen, in 1926 William "Buss" McClelland opened the San Francisco Orpheum Theatre with its 4/22 Robert Morton.
In the Northwest, Buss was best known for his tenure as organist at Oaks Park Rink in Portland. He also served as staff organist at Seattle's Blue Mouse and Music Hall (Fox) theatres.
In the 1950s,"The Buss McClelland Show" made its radio debut, featuring "Scintillating organ music for young and old" live from the Oaks Rink, Sundays 12:45pm to 1:15pm.

Buss McClelland accompanying the Spring Opening program March 7, 8, 10, 1941 at Oaks Park Rink. Image courtesy Dianne Bollinger  


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