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Seattle Paramount Wurlitzer update

The Paramount Publix 1 console
after recent rebuild
The following two updates were provided by Red Carlson, PSTOS member and Artisan Instruments owner, via the PIPORG-L Internet mailing list:

More information on the Paramount Wurlitzer
From: Red Carlson, Artisan Instruments
To: PIPORG-L, Pipe Organs and Related Topics
Subject: The Prodigal Lady Returns
October 30, 1997
"Well, perhaps not so prodigal as banished. But the point of a headline is to get you to "buy the paper". So here you are.
Today (October 30, 1997) at high noon, the organ console of the Paramount Theater in Seattle returned to its home after an absence of over three years. During this time it has languished in the solitary confinement of a Shurgard storage unit; not the kind of elegant surroundings this lady is used to.
The Paramount Theater, under the guidance of Ida Cole, Proprietor, has undergone extensive renovations in order to better accommodate Broadway shows. This work has been done in stages (no pun intended), with the basics done first in order to get it reopened for business.
One of the items that was not included in the stages of renovation until recently was the pit lift. Now that it is in place, it provides the means to lower the organ console into its new home, a cozy garage under the stage on the right side. Thus, the Welcome Home!
During the period of banishment the dear old lady of 70 years was given a facelift. In addition to smoothing out a few wrinkles (primarily key and stop contacts), a new control system was installed in the console. The work was done by Balcom and Vaughan, organbuilders, with guidance provided by Artisan Instruments, Inc.
The next step, of course, is to complete the balance of the control system installation in the theater chambers and to clean all the garbage out of the pipework accumulated when the wrecking ball knocked out the rear of the stage to make it bigger.
There is no set date when the lady will once again grace the stage with her lyrical voice, but a spokesman for the theater was quoted as saying, "They (the management) would like to have her make a sound (of any sort) by Christmas." Hopeful, but not very likely! I believe her vocal chords will require quite a bit of therapy after 3 years of disuse."
Red Carlson

From: Red Carlson, Artisan Instruments
To: PIPORG-L, Pipe Organs and Related Topics
Subject: The Lady Speaks
April 11, 1998
Hi to All:
Several weeks ago we reported that the 4/21 Publix organ of the Paramount Theater in Seattle had been returned to her home after 3+ years of exile in a storage warehouse.
Last night she exercized her voice!
Several weeks of work by personnel from Balcom & Vaughan, local organ builders, and Artisan Instruments ensued as time permitted between Broadway Shows and other events scheduled by the Paramount. Finally, with control system in place and a final tuning, all was ready.
Last Thursday evening (4-9-98), the Paramount management held a reception for donors to the Paramount, representative members of the local ATOS Chapter, and those who had worked on the organ. At around 6pm, Ida Cole (the individual who rescued the Paramount from oblivion) opened the doors to the auditorium, which cued the organist to begin playing.
The organist for the evening was suitably an individual who has spent many, many hours in the chambers of the Paramount organ over the last 20 years, or so --- Don Meyers. He gave the organ a good workout, playing many old favorites for the pleasure of the attendees.
Thus, another fine instrument has resumed her rightful place in the theater where she began her career in 1928 when the Paramount was first opened for business.
Red Carlson
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