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Langevin Residence - 2/10 Wurlitzer
Yakima, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1954-1965
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The Larry Langevin instrument was most likely composed of parts from two Wurlitzer instruments:

  • American (Beck's) Theatre Bellingham, WA - 2/7 Wurlitzer, opus #69
  • Liberty Theatre Yakima, WA - 2/8 Wurlitzer, opus #138

    According to the Judd Walton Wurlitzer opus list, the organ went to Ken Hodgins of Vancouver BC, Canada in 1965.

    In a letter to the editor of The Bombarde in Fall 1964, Marshall Willet of Los Angeles, California writes:
    "The Liberty Theatre Wurli was removed by Larry Langevin, an accomplished musician. He built a fabulous house for his organ in Yakima, really a small auditorium. The main room is approximately 30' x 30' with a 12 foot ceiling. The console sits in an alcove with floor to ceiling windows both sides. Pipes are in two chambers approx. 10' x 10' and 10' x 18' at one side of the console room. Below these chambers is a basement area of the same size holding relays, regulators, etc. To my unpracticed eye it is a huge installation, and I was surprised to hear that all this comprised only ten ranks. It has some bells, a marimba, chimes, but no drums or traps were visible. Each chamber has swell shades.
    Larry has since sold this house to a good friend of mine, with the provision that he has a year to remove the Wurli. My friend is not an organ buff, and I do not know what his plans regarding this magnificent installation may be. He now uses the "main auditorium as a family room."

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