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Rusczyk Residence - 3/10 Wurlitzer
Vancouver, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 2000-2004
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Three-manual Wurlitzer console.
The Rusczyk instrument is based around a 1918 Wurlitzer (opus #173) originally installed in Portland's Majestic Theatre. The organ was later moved to the Rivoli Theatre.
Paul Turchan purchased the organ from the Rivoli in the 1960's and installed it in his Portland area studio/residence.
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Two views of the pipe chamber
In 1996, the instrument was purchased by Bob & Michele Rusczyk and it is now playing in their Vancouver area home. The original two-manual console has been sold and the instrument is controlled by a newly installed three-manual Wurlitzer console.
For a short time, the organ was controlled by a three-manual Marr & Colton console. This console has since been sold.

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