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Castle Theatre - 3/10 Wurlitzer, Style H "Special"
Vancouver, Washington
Main St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1927 - 1953
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Castle Theatre, c.1931

Castle Theatre's Style H, three-manual console
The Castle Theatre originally had a Wurlitzer Style H "Special" with piano (opus #1679) shipped from the factory in July 1927. The Special designation was due to a Post Horn and Krumet in place of the usual Kinura and Orchestral Oboe in the Solo chamber.
According to Bob Rickett of Portland, the organ had shallow chambers and large shutter openings behind open grills with no drapes to muffle the tone.

Vancouver street scene, Castle Theatre on right, c.1940s
The console was on a lift in the center of the orchestra pit with the piano to the right of the console. The organ had a large scale Marimba in place of the Chrysoglott and a set of 25 note class M Chimes.
The chamber layout was as follows:
Main: Flute, Diapason, VDO, VDO Celeste, Clarinet
Solo: Post Horn, Tuba, Krumet, Tibia, Vox Humana
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Vancouver street scene, late 1940s.
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Late 1940s. Kiggins Theatre visable in background
In 1953, the instrument was purchased by Bob Rickett of Portland.
Editor's Note: The Judd Walton Wurlitzer opus lists erroneously reference the theatre name as "Castle (Higgins)." It's possible the author confused the Kiggins Theatre (built in 1936) with the Castle, thinking they were one and the same. The Kiggins Theatre is named for J.P. Kiggins, mayor of Vancouver during the 1920's and 30's.

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