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Victory (original Pantages) Theatre - 4/30 Moller
Tacoma, Washington
910 Pacific Ave.
Organ installation timeframe: 1918 -
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Pacific Avenue, looking North, Pantages Theatre on right, c.1911
The Victory Theatre opened in 1918 and was located in the original Pantages Theatre building at 910 Pacific Ave.
The theatre had a 4/30 Moller concert organ (opus #1964) installed in 1918. This instrument was moved by Louis Mass from Seattle's Coliseum Theatre.
Eddie Zollman was an organist at the Victory in 1919 - it was his first paying job. According to Ed, the Moller console had colored draw knobs.
1923, the Victory Theatre became Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post No. 91.
In 1924, another Victory Theatre opened at 4801 S. Yakima Ave.
The 4/30 Moller organ was later moved to the Yakima First Methodist church by Bill Woods. According to Eugene Nye, it was later split up for parts in 1951 when a 4/32 Reuter organ was installed. The console was bought by Rodgers Jenkins who made it into his first electronic organ. As of 1990, it was still in a private home in Portland. This electronic organ was the start of the Rodgers Organ Company!
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Looking rather plain, the former Victory Theatre building sits abandoned in 1966
The former Victory Theatre building at 910 Pacific was demolished in 1969.

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