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Epperson Residence - 3/8 Wurlitzer
Sumner, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1946 - 1958
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The Dan Epperson Wurlitzer was previously installed in Radio Station KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to the PSTOS Bill Bunch/Eugene Nye records, while in the radio station, the organ had two manuals and 4 ranks.
Looking in the Judd Walton Wurlitzer opus list, there was an early Wurlitzer (opus 191, installed 1919 in the Empress/Paramount Theatre, Salt Lake City) that did later move to a Salt Lake City radio statio (call letters unspecified). However, opus 191 was a "Style 4 Special" indicating the it had 8 ranks which does not match the 4 ranks noted in the PSTOS Bill Bunch/Eugene Nye records.
In 1946 or 1947, PSTOS Bill Bunch/Eugene Nye records indicate that Balcom & Vaughan removed the organ from KSL radio and installed it in Dan Epperson's Sumner area residence. Four ranks and a third manual were added to the console at that time. It was Balcom & Vaughan's opus #448. Unspecified additions were made in 1949 (B&V opus #479) and 1953 (B&V opus #506).
In 1958, the organ was moved to the residence of Edward "Ted" Tarling of South Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

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