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Johnson Residence - 2/9 Wurlitzer
Spokane, Washington
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Records indicate that Ellsworth Johnson owned several organs. One of these was an Aeolian residence organ with roll player purchased from R.E. Olds (of Oldsmobile fame) in Flint, Michigan. This instrument was installed in Ellsworth's Spokane electronics store. The organ was later sold to the "Whiskey Jacks" condominium complex in Sandpoint, Idaho. It was installed in the recreation room by Harold Currier.
Ellsworth also owned two Style 210 Wurlitzers (one was opus #482) which were previously combined to make a 2/19 instrument in the Rivoli Theatre, Rutherford, New Jersey. Ellsworth split these instruments back to two individual organs by acquiring a second console from a collector in California. According to the Judd Walton opus list, Ellsworth added a Kinura rank to opus #482 while he owned it.
One Wurlitzer (with the acquired console) went to Jim Knutson of Roseburg, Oregon. The other (opus #482) went to H. Soderstrom in Martinez, California in 1974.
Ellsworth also owned another Aeolian console and some pipework. These items went to J.B. Nethercutt of Slymar, Califirnia. Current status is unknown.

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