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American (Post Street) Theatre - 2/ Robert Morton
Spokane, Washington
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According to the Junchen opus lists, two theatre organs were shipped to the American Theatre:

  • Two-manual Marr & Colton, 1925
  • Two-manual Robert Morton, 1925
    The 1925 dates cannot be confirmed. It's possible that there were two locations for the theatre which, after 1934, operated under the name "Post Street Theatre."
    Fate of the Marr & Colton instrument is unknown.
    According to George Perks of Spokane, the Robert Morton instrument was... "moved to Wallace Idaho and played in a Masonic temple then later moved to Spokane by Harold Currier. He installed it in his South Hill home."
    George acquired the instrument and connected several components to the former Eastern Washington University Showalter Hall Kimball which he also owned.

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