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Steen Residence - 2/9 Smith (in progress)
Spanaway, Washington
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In 2003, Mark purchased a 2/8 Smith from Jeff Fox of Bellingham, Washington. In 2012, he purchased another Smith instrument from Mark Wyatt of Modesto, CA.

The Wyatt Smith console
Mark plans to combine the two Smith organs.
Watch the 7-part YouTube series about the Wyatt organ here:

In 2002, Mark Steen also acquired Wicks opus #591 from Paul Arndt of Spokane. The organ had been in storage for many years and Paul acquired it from the estate of a man from Alaska. Paul had plans to install the instrument in his garage or in an out-building but the project was never completed and the instrument was sold to Mark Steen. While Paul owned the organ, he acquired a 3HP Spencer Orgoblo blower (originally from Wurlitzer opus #1617) from Tom Blackwell of Seattle.
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Wicks opus #591 console
From Paul Arndt, in a 1/30/2000 posting to the theatreorgans-l Internet mailing list:
"I recently obtained a Wicks Theatre organ which was built in 1925 and has original electric stop actions and an electric capture combination action and all electric relay/switching."
"Unfortunately for me, the organ was moved from the original theatre in approximately 1938 and installed in a church. The organ company that relocated the organ removed all the traps, Xylophone and Trumpet rank of pipes. The orginal stop tablets are still there but either have the engraving buffed off or were moved to a non-working position (no stop contacts). The second touch springs were also removed and as far as I can tell the second touch contacts were removed also. I obtained the original specifications from Wicks and plan to get it as close to the orginal as possible but have to find parts or build them to replace the missing pieces. Yes, it is tempting to "enlarge" the instrument but I feel I would like to keep it as close to the original as possible."

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