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St. David of Wales Episcopal Church Hall
2/6 Robert Morton - Balcom & Vaughan
Shelton, Washington
2218 N 3rd St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1997-2016
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St. David's Parish Hall, 2002
The basis of the St. David's instrument is a 2/6 Robert Morton. This organ was previously installed in 1946 by Balcom & Vaughan at Tacoma's Mellinger Funeral Home. It was a combination of various parts and it is unlikely that the pipework is the original Morton. Unfortunately, the organ's original theatre home is unknown.
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Unenclosed Bourdon and Flute offset chests on the South wall
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Balcony, showing console and percussions
Father Don Maddox is quite a theatre organ fan. He installed the organ in a former Masonic Temple (acquired by the church) across the street.
On February 9, 1997 Andy Crow played a dedication concert and silent film on the refurbished and reinstalled instrument. He has also been responsible for many of the recent additions to the organ, including the two-manual Wurlitzer console previously owned by Jack and Mary Lou Becvar and originally from Seattle's Blue Mouse Theatre.
Parts from several other organs have been added including a 2/5 Wurlitzer originally from the Bend Oregon Liberty Theatre and purchased from Rick & Roxy Rumgay of Bend.

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Original Masonic Hall building. Dedicated January 23, 1926

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