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Dutch Reformed Church - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style B
Oak Harbor, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1941 - ?
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Jeff Fox playing the Seattle Uptown Theater Wurlitzer as installed in the Dutch Reformed Church, c.1977. Photo courtesy Jeff Fox
According to Jeff Fox, The organ was installed above the ceiling and retained the original Flute and Salciional ranks but the Trumpet and Vox were replaced by a Diapason and Dulciana. Records indicate that the church may have operated under the name "Peace Reformed Church" at some point.

c.1977. Photo courtesy Jeff Fox
The organ was later removed, date unknown. The relay and switchstack were acquired by Jeff and he used them to operate his Smith residence organ in the late 1990's. Jeff recalls that the original console may have been destroyed as it was stored in a leaky garage but he was not entirely certain about that. The church later became a Presbyterian Church.

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