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Stern Residence - 3/4 Wurlitzer
Seattle, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1963 - 1990's
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The Stern residence organ was installed in 1963-64 by Balcom & Vaughan. It was their opus #716 and included parts from various sources including Aberdeen's Weir Theatre Wurlitzer by way of Tacoma's King Roller Rink. The console was "Balcomized" to a three-manual by cutting the keybed and lowering the Accompaniment manual. A new main chest was built by Balcom & Vaughan. It included 2-3 "prepared for" rank spaces (only the frame, no top or bottom boards).
The organ was sold in the mid 1990's to Bob Otey and disbursed for parts. The Tibia and 16' Bourdons (Redwood) went to Russ & Jo Ann Evans. The console was purchased by Bob Zat of Seattle and later sold to an individual in Australia.

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