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Sprague Residence - 3/28 hybrid
Seattle, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1931 -
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Hollister Sprague's residence organ was installed in 1931-1933 by Balcom & Vaughan. It included a combination of parts from several instruments including:

  • Estey (opus 3001) purchased new by Mr. Sprague in 1931 and installed in the main house.
  • 2/10 Estey (opus 2277) from the Irvington Theatre in Portland
  • 2/5 Wurlitzer (opus 387) from the Liberty (A.H. Hilton, Ike Bernard) Theatre in Lewiston, Idaho.
    The organ included other new Gottfried parts, many used parts and was controlled by a large, three-manual Kilgen console with eleven hand-carved panels.
    The organ had three chamber areas:
  • Estey chests and pipework
  • Additional Wurlitzer, Gottfried pipework and percussions
  • Echo chamber located above a large stone fireplace

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