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Graves Residence - 3/14 Wurlitzer
Seattle, Washington
Organ installation timeframes:
First instrument: 1942 - 1946
Second instrument: 1946 - 1958

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In the 1940's, Ken Graves owned two residences with Wurlitzers:

  • The first was a 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style B opus 1449, from the Montlake Theatre in Seattle and later the Avalon Theatre in Olympia. This organ was installed in the Graves residence in 1942 by Balcom & Vaughan and later sold when Mr. Graves moved to a new residence. The organ changed hands several more times and was eventually installed by Woody Presho. Its current status is unknown.
  • The second organ was a 3/15 Wurlitzer originally from Tacoma's Rialto Theatre. This instrument was installed in Mr. Graves' new Magnolia residence in 1946 by Balcom & Vaughan with additions in 1950. In 1958, the instrument was given to the Haller Lake Methodist Church where the unique three octave Solo manual was replaced with a standard 61 note keyboard. In 1973, the organ went to Bob Koons. Its current status is unknown.

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