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Capitol (Telenews) Theatre - 2/11 Kimball
Seattle, Washington
1508 3rd Ave.
Organ installation timeframe: 1924 - 1960s
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Patrons waiting for a show at the Capitol, c.1932

Capitol Theatre auditorium, 1938. Kimball console visible in orchestra pit. PSTOS Archives photo, courtesy David Salyer
The Capitol Theatre originally had a 2/11 Kimball theatre organ installed in 1924. Mary Ward was organist there in 1925. The organ was later moved to the Palomar Theatre (formerly Pantages Theatre).
In the 1960's, the instrument was purchased by Jim Collier who had it installed it in his barn/studio for many years.
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The Capitol operated as the Telenews in the 1940's. Winter Garden Theatre visable at far right, c.1943

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