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Adamson Residence - 2/8 Wurlitzer-Morton-Kimball
Seattle, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1962 - 1976
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Dan Adamson at his 2/8 Wurli-Morton-Kimball, c.1970
The console for Dan Adamson's instrument originally controlled a Wurlitzer Style D "Special" (opus #573) installed April 1922 in Walla Walla's American Theatre. In 1935, this instrument was moved to a mortuary in Aberdeen.
In 1962 the instrument was sold. The console went to Dan Adamson and other parts went to Bob Jones of Edmonds, Washington.
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Pipework, c.1970
Dan acquired a 2/4 Morton from a Catholic church in Pasco, This instrument was originally installed in the Pasco Liberty Theatre. He sold the Morton console and swell shades. The pipework and chests formed the basis for the instrument along with parts from several other instruments.
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Chamber area as left. Note tropical fish tanks on right. c.1970
A unique feature of the organ was a second glockenspiel wired to 5-1/3 pitch. Dan also had a large HO scale railroad installed in his home.
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Dan's train layout, c.1970. Note Space Needle miniature, left center.
The instrument was eventually purchased by the Bremerton Pipe Organ Society and was installed in the Bremerton Community Theatre in the 1970's.
Dan maintained the Seattle 5th Avenue Theatre Wurlitzer for several years in the early 1960's. In March of 1965, he presented a concert for PSTOS members that was the first public hearing of the organ in many years.

Dan Adamson at his Wurlitzer, c.1960's

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