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Dodrill Residence - 2/13 Aeolian Duo Art with player
Mercer Island, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1991-2010
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Aeolian Duo Art console in the Dodrill music room
The Dodrill residence organ was a two-manual Aeolian Duo Art (opus #1645) with 176-note player. The instrument was originally sold to John McAlister of Toronto, Canada in December 1927 for $14,250. It was installed in his large stone house over the garage where it remained until approximately 1980 when the house was torn down and the property subdivided. A local organ firm purchased the organ and installed in a commercial department store/restaurant setting where it played for about two years but was considered to be too loud. The organ was removed and stored for seven years before being purchased by Carl & Halie Dodrill in 1991 along with 150 player rolls. The player is the 176 note variety which registers itself, and the Dodrills have acquired about 150 additional rolls.
The organ was originally two manuals and nine ranks (GREAT: Diapason 8, Flute 8, Clarinet (free reed) 8; SWELL: String pp 8, String F 8, String vibrato (celeste) 8, Oboe 8, and Vox Humana 8; PEDAL: Flute p 16, Flute F 16 (these are one rank with two volumes of air to each pipe). All 8 ranks on the main duplexed Pitman chest are extended ranks with 73 pipes.
The Great and the Swell were in separate chambers, both of which were under expression. The Pedal was not under expression. The organ spoke into a large living room listening area through three grates in the floor. This allowed the three divisions to speak up into the music room where the console was located.
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A unique feature of the Dodrill instrument was the 16' Violone installed on the ceiling of the listening area.
The Dodrills added four ranks to the instrument: 1) Piccolo 2; 2) Flute 8 (Swell); 3) String p 8 (Great); and, 4) Pedal string 16 (Violone). The pedal pipes were mounted on the ceiling, the other added ranks were mounted attractively on the walls of the music room except for the Piccolo which was in the chamber. With the varied pipe locations, an excellent "Surround Sound" effect was created.
The organ was used for charitable events in the Dodrill home including fund raisers and educational programs. Cub Scouts and preschool classes visited, and adults heard the organ in connection with dinner parties. The organ was also used to stimulate interest in pipe organs generally, and to draw public attention to the fact that many organs are being scrapped when they could be rebuilt and placed where people want them.
The Dodrills are founders of the non-profit Pipe Organ Foundation and visitors are invited to become involved financially or in volunteer work.
In 2010, the organ was sold to Kenneth Long of Dallas, Texas. According to Jim Stettner, the instrument was removed August 1-4 by Carl & Halie Dodrill along with Mr. Long and a friend. It left the state in a rental truck driven by Mr. Long on August 5. Mr. Long also purchased 12 additional ranks of Aeolian pipework from the Pipe Organ Foundation along with a harp and chimes.

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