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Everett Theatre - 2/9 Kimball (2nd organ)
Everett, Washington
2911 Colby Ave
Organ installation timeframes:
1st organ, 2/8 Kimball: 1918 - 1923
2nd organ, 2/9 Kimball: 1924 - 1953
3rd organ, 3/16 Kimball: 1999 - present

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The Everett Theatre opened on November 4, 1901. A 2/8 Kimball organ was installed in 1918.
The original theatre was gutted by a terrible fire in 1923. It was rebuilt at a cost of over $250,000 and was called the "New Everett" Theatre. A 2/9 Kimball organ, opus #6760 was installed in time for the grand re-opening on August 29, 1924.

New Everett Theatre

Seattle organist Fred Feringer was hired away from the Strand Theatre to play the "modern" Kimball organ at the New Everett. He played there until 1926.
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Colby Ave, looking North. Everett Theatre on right, c.1930's
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The Everett Theatre operated under the Fox name in the 1930's as shown in this photo, c.1934.

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Another shot of Colby Ave, looking North c.1944

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Late 1940s.

More historical information is available on the Everett Theatre web site:
In 1953 the organ was moved to Queen Anne High School and was installed in the main auditorium. In 1981 the instrument was moved again to Franklin High School. A 3-manual classical-style console was added. The existing 2-manual console was purchased by a private individual in Sydney, Australia.

Colby Avenue, looking North, c.1968

Everett Theatre c.1998, showing the 1950's style marquee
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Everett Theatre as of 2000, showing restored entrance canopy

3/16 Kimball - new installation
The Everett Theatre Society has recently re-installed a Kimball theatre pipe organ in the house. The project is being sponsored by the Everett Theatre Society.
Premiere of the Pipes - October 2, 1999
Project Update - April 26, 1999
Project Update - January 17, 1999

The theatre (named the New Everett Theatre in the 1920's) originally had a 2/9 Kimball. This instrument was removed in the 1950's.
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Three-manual Kimball console
awaiting installation
Thanks to the generosity of several donors, a three-manual, 14 rank Kimball theatre organ was purchased in September 1997. This instrument was originally from Seattle's Olympic (Woodland) Theatre.
The console was equipped with a solid-state electronic relay system and it is now installed at the theatre and playing!

The volunteer installation team included: Randy Mather (Crew Chief), Ken Entriken, Kathy Springer, Lauren Austin, Marcella O'Brien, Lee Haines, Pete Baffaro, Bob Greenberg.

Chamber layout
Main Chamber
Diaphonic Diapason
Oboe Horn
Viol D'Orchestra
Viol Celeste
Concert Flute
Flute Celeste
Toy Chamber
Cathedral Chimes
Toy Counter
10 HP Spencer Orgoblo
Solo Chamber
Post Horn
Orchestral Oboe
Vox Humana
Unenclosed, stage wall
16' Tibia
16' Wood Diaphone
16' Bourdon
Marimba Harp

As part of the ongoing building restoration project, the auditorium has received a much-needed facelift. When the building re-opened in Spring 1998, patrons enjoyed new comfortable main floor seats with plenty of legroom and enhanced sightlines to the stage. Other improvements include new carpeting, plaster repair and fresh paint for the walls and ceiling, a reopened orchestra pit.
A series of theatre organ concerts have been presented in the 2000-2001 season. Artists include: Tom Hazelton, Kay McAbee, Andy Crow, Neil Jensen, Chris Elliot and others.
The Everett Theatre Society stages a number of live stage productions each year. Phone (425) 258-6766 for ticket information.
With the donation of the larger instrument, a two-manual Kimball console and other components which were to be installed in the theatre will be moved to Everett's Cosmopolitan Theatre as part of another theatre organ project there.
More information is available on the Everett Theatre web site:

The following news clippings are most likely from the Everett Herald. They describe the rebuilt New Everett Theatre, c. August 1924.
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Everett Theatre (pre-fire). c.1902. Note different facade and roof line.


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