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Woody & Lou Presho Residence - 2/6 Wurlitzer
Burien, Washington
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A glimse of the Presho Wurlitzer. Tom Hobbs on the vibes.
The Presho Wurlitzer was originally from Seattle's Montlake Theatre. It was installed there in 1926 and later moved to Olympia's Avalon Theatre.
After the theatres, the organ was owned by several parties until the Preshos acquired it in 1960.

From The Console Magazine, July 1970:
Click for a larger version of this image (94K) One of the neatest, cleanest and finest sounding installations is the Sherwood L "Woody" Presho Wurlitzer. For those who scoff at mixing pipework, "Woody" has installed a Morton tibia to replace his Wurlitzer rank. It is exceedingly well voiced and blends beautifully with the other Wurlitzer ranks.
The organ, which was a 2m/6r instrument when these photos were taken last August, came from Des Moines, Iowa. Presho also has another organ which was originally installed in the Lakeside Theatre in Seattle, then moved to the Avalon Theatre in Olympia, next sold to a private party who had it installed in his home for a short time before selling it to another man. The latter individual did not set it up and Presho bought it. He will add five ranks to his present installation. The lower photo at right shows the new space allotted for a second chamber to house the five ranks.
Presho was involved in the current Tiffany glass craze and has decorated the organ studio in his home with various Tiffany-type shades and other art glass works.
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Gleaming pipework, well engineered, the Presho installation is the result of good planning and workmanship. Presho is a professional organist in Seattle and his Wurlitzer is a reflection of the pride he obviously takes in his work.
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Presho is installing five ranks of a second organ he owns in the area pictured left in the above photo.

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