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Empire Theatre - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style B
Anacortes, Washington
Commercial St.
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Empire Theatre on left, c.1936. Thanks to Andreas Breuer for his keen eye in dating this photo using the movie poster. "Magnificent Obsession" was a 1935 film, released in Seattle in early 1936.
The Empire Theatre Wurlitzer was originally installed in the Egyptian Theatre, Maywood California in 1925. It was opus #1022, a Style B. The organ was later moved to the Empire Theatre in Anacortes by Balcom & Vaughan, date unknown. In 1937, the instrument was removed and installed in Finlay's Mortuary in Portland, Oregon.

Empire Theatre on right, c.1940's
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Downtown Anacortes, Empire Theatre on left, c.1950's
In 1961, Balcom & Vaughan installed the organ in the Seattle home of Stan Smith.
The instrument is now owned by Russ & Jo Ann Evans of Kenmore, Washington. The original Style B chests and pipework serve as part of a larger 3/17 instrument installed in their home. The original two-manual console was sold.
The Empire Theatre building still exists. It is presently occupied by the Burton Jewelry store and other tenants.
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Empire Theatre building, c.2000 
Click for a larger version of this image (40K) The building has been modified since the 1920's. The original roof cornice and sidewalk awnings have been removed and the windows replaced.
It is also possible that windows were added to the fly loft when it was converted for other uses, but this cannot be confirmed.

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