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Dopps Residence - 2/10 Wurlitzer, Style F
Anacortes, Washington
Acquired 1996, sold 2002, never installed
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The Dopps' Style F Wurlitzer (opus #1334) was originally installed in the Golden State Theatre, Monterey California. It was shipped from the factory in May, 1926. The Style F included the following ranks: Tuba, Diapason, Tibia, Violin, Violin Celeste, Clarinet, Vox, and Flute. In March 1953, the organ was purchased by Robert Jacobus of Vallejo, California.
In June 1969, the organ was sold to Ken Ensele of Napa, California. It was later moved by Mr. Ensele to Oregon, near Eugene. A Wicks Posthorn and Trumpet were added.
Warren Dopps acquired the instrument in 1996. He had planned to install the organ in his expanded garage and made good progress toward creating the chambers. He also acquired a set of large scale 16 wood Opens from Bill Charles of Bellingham, WA which he planned to convert to a 32' Bourdon. These pipes were originally from Seattle's Colonial Theatre Kimball.
Unfortunately, the installation was never completed. In August 2002, the organ was sold to Ryan Kroll of Loveland, Colorado.

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