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Weir (Rex) Theatre - 2/8 Kimball & 2/7 Wurlitzer Style 185
Aberdeen, Washington
Heron Street
Organ installation timeframe:

  • 2/8 Kimball 1910-1918
  • 2/7 Wurlitzer 1920-1937
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    Looking East on Heron Street, date unknown. Note the decorative roof crown which is not present in photo below.
    According to Jim Stettner, the Weir Theatre, originally named the Rex, had a two-manual tubular pneumatic 8-rank Kimball installed in 1910. The organ had a free-standing case with a detached console. The facade was 5-sectional containing 49 gold-painted pipes that included speaking pipes of some of the Great 8' Open Diapason.
    The organ was sold in 1918 to First Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen (the church's third location). It remained there until 1952 when it was replaced by a new Wicks in a new (fourth) location. Disposition of the original Kimball organ is unknown.
    In 1920, a Style 185 Wurlitzer (opus #341) was installed. In 1937, parts of this instrument, including the console, were moved to Tacoma's King Roller Rink. Additional parts went to Seattle's Northwest Recording Studio.

    Looking East on Heron Street, Weir Theatre building on left, date unknown. Since there is no Weir signage, it's likely this photo pre-dates the theatre opening.
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    Date unknown

    Early photo, date unknown
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    The theatre originally operated as the Rex, c.1910's

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