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Clayton Parks residence - 2/4 & 2/5 Wurlitzer
Salem, Oregon
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In 1966, Clayton Parks acquired a 2/4 Wurlitzer opus #244, built in 1919 as a Style 135B and originally installed in the U.S. Theatre in Vancouver WA.
In 1969, Clayton acquired a second Wurlitzer, a 2/5 opus #1070 built in 1925. According to Jim Stettner, this instrument was originally a consignment instrument built for the Wurlitzer showroom in San Francisco, CA. In 1927, it was installed in an unnamed theatre in Sunnyvale CA. In 1932, it was relocated to St. John's Lutheran Church in Helena MT by an unknown person or firm. In 1969, the opran was replaced with a new 2/25 Balcom and Vaughan instrument- and the Wurlitzer was relocated to the Parks residence.
Current disposition of both instruments is unknown although it's likely that some of the parts were incorporated into the Salem Elsinore Theatre Wurlitzer instrument originally installed by the Clayton and Rick Parks in the 1980s.

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