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Antlers (Indian) Theatre - 2/10 Robert Morton
Roseburg, Oregon
Organ installation timeframe: 1928-1944
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Indian Theatre, c.1950's
The Antlers Theatre seated 750. It originally had a style 40 Photoplayer. In 1928, a 2/10 Robert Morton was installed. The name was changed to "Indian" in 1929.
In 1944, the organ was moved to 1st Methodist Church also in Roseburg.
The instrument was later acquired by Leonard Vernon of Astoria, Oregon who installed it in his home.
According to Carol J. Carroll via e-mail, "The smaller building on the corner of Jackson & Lane Street is the Elks Lodge. The building next door is the Antlers Theater which in 1929 became the Indian Theater. The smallest window at the top of the building was the projectionist room. My husband Marvin Carroll was one of the projectionists 1960-69. The Elks must have let them paint Antlers on their building so that cars passing by on the two-way street could see the advertisement."
"The building burned in June 1969. A women was making popcorn in a small room on the 2nd floor, one afternoon. The oil caught fire and went up the exhaust vent. The fire department was just down the street, and came right away. The building was so old, it was gone before they could do anything. Was so sad. Such a wonderful time in history, Saturday afternoon matinees."
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Antlers Theatre and Elks Lodge, date unknown
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1922 view of the Antlers Theatre on the right.
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Another view of the Antlers Theatre, date unknown

Postcard view of the Antlers Theatre, c.1920s

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