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Potter Residence - 3/14 Wurlitzer - Morton
Portland, Oregon
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Potter residence Robert Morton console. c.1973
Gordon Potter owned several pipe organs over the years. The last one was assembled using parts from various organs including Dick Chase's Corvallis residence organ, Seattle's KOL Radio studio organ, and a Robert Morton instrument from Portland's First Christian Church. The latter instrument was purchased together with Terry Robson and Dick Raupach. The organ was controlled by a three-manual Morton console acquired by Dick Chase, from the Ritz Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Following Gordon's death, the organ was sold to Milt Kieffer, owner of Uncle Milt's Pipe Organ Pizza (now closed) and removed by Bob Hansen. It was stored in the back room of Uncle Milt's for several years. Parts were eventually sold to various individuals including the toy counter to Curtis Knight and Gottfried Tibia to Russ Evans of Seattle. The remainder went to various individuals in Australia where most were lost in a storage facility fire.
The three-manual Robert Morton console was purchased by Greg Smith and Russ Evans who later resold it to Frank White of Victoria, B.C. Canada. Mr. White later decided on a Wurlitzer console and the Morton was left in parts, never re-assembled.

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