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Radio Station KXL - 2/9 Wood
Portland, Oregon
Organ installation timeframe: - 1939
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The KXL organ was originally installed in Portland's Oregon Theatre. It was later repossessed by the Wm. Wood Organ Company and re-installed at the studios of KXL Radio in the Multnomah Hotel, Portland.
According to, "KXL moved to new studios on the seventh floor Mezzanine at The Multnomah Hotel in November 1928. The new glass enclosed “Rose Studio” was twice the size of the old one. Herman Kenin’s Multnomah Hotel Orchestra headlined KXL’s first broadcast from the Multnomah Hotel. KXL continued to broadcast from the Multnomah Hotel until 1939."
After KXL moved, the hotel cut the main cable with an axe. In 1940, the instrument was purchased from the station by Bob Rickett and Jerry Gilmore of Portland for $250.00. Bob used three of the ranks (Tibia, Tuba & VDO Celeste made by Gottfried) as additions to the his 2/5 Wicks residence organ. The remainder of the instrument was sold to in 1940 to Milton Hunt in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1966, those parts were sold to Randall Olsen (Thompson?) for $750.00.

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