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Gregorius Residence - 2/5 Wurlitzer
Portland, Oregon
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This instrument was originally installed in Portland's Chaldean (Kenton) Theatre. It was later moved to the Portland Elk's Club where it remained for many years until it was purchased by Floyd Chamberlain and later by Gerry Gregorius in 1969.
A standard Style B has four ranks: Trumpet, Flute, Salicional and Vox Humana, but this instrument had a Tuba instead of the usual Trumpet. The stop tabs had "Trumpet." It is not known if the Tuba was installed at the factory or a later substitution. A single rank Wurlitzer chest with Gottfried Tibia was added bringing the instrument up to five ranks.
In 1990, the organ was purchased by Dave & Barbara Elwood of Vancouver, Washington. They have since sold the instrument.

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