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Cleveland High School - 3/24 Kimball
Portland, Oregon
3400 S.E. 26th Avenue (at Powell Blvd.)
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Console of the Cleveland High School Kimball
The Cleveland instrument was based on a 3/9 Kimball originally installed in the Columbia Theatre, Longview, Washington. In the 1930's it was moved by Balcom & Vaughan to Benson High School in Portland. More recently it was moved to its present location at Cleveland High School.
The following is from William Hansen via the PIPORG-L Internet mailing list:
"Will Scarboro asks about the 'Kimball' at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon. Originally the basis of this organ was in the theatre at Longview, Washington. Sandy Balcom moved it to Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland in the 1930s. He installed the modest three manual Kimball intact and added two straight windchests, which were controlled from stops on the second touch row.
The Benson organ was well-used in the 1940s and early 1950s, when I knew it. As a student there, Franklin Butte became very proficient. The organ had only moderate projection into the auditorium, but was a fine sound.
I am told that a remodeling project was the demise of the organ in that location. A few years ago it was moved to Cleveland High School, along with considerable redesigning of the organ. One of those involved told me they did not want it to sound like a Kimball. I have not been able to make connections to hear it when in Portland, so withhold comment."
William Hansen

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