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Blue Mouse (Globe) Theatre - 2/9 Austin & 2/6 Wurlitzer
Portland, Oregon
SW 10th & Washington
Austin installation timeframe: 1912 -
Wurlitzer installation timeframe: 1922-1941

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The Globe Theatre opened in 1912. According to the Junchen opus lists, a 2/9 Austin (opus #408) with Echo division installed in 1912. The cost was $4,150. Current status is unknown.
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Interior of the Globe Theatre, c.1912
Northwest theatre magnate John Hamrick remodeled the Globe in 1921 and reopened it as the Blue Mouse on November 28, 1921. In each northwest city when the Hamrick chain came in and established themselves, their first house was always called the Blue Mouse. It is interesting to note the origin of the name. One story is that Mr. and Mrs. Hamrick were visiting London and while there they attended a musical play, the title of which was The Blue Mouse. They were so entranced by the play that they thereafter named their theatres Blue Mouse.
The theatre had a 2/6 Style D Wurlitzer (opus #529) shipped from the factory in March, 1922.
Harry Quinn Mills was organist at the Blue Mouse in 1922 and Dubois Cornish was organist in 1927. According to Balcom & Vaughan records, the organ was last used for silent films in March 1928.
The Blue Mouse has the distiction of being the first Portland theatre to show a sound picture: John Barrymore in Don Juan, 1926.
About 1936, Hamrick-Evergreen Theatres closed the Blue Mouse. In October, 1940. Mr. Paul Forsythe reopened the theatre, presenting family films and kiddie matinees. He was rewarded with success and a host of good patrons, young and old, who became loyal Blue Mouse fans.
In 1941, the organ was moved to the Hawthorn Temple/Tabernacle (Amen Corner) at 20th & Hawthorn in Portland.
In 1964, Ed Maas of Eugene, Oregon purchased the organ and installed it in his residence.
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Blue Mouse, 1955
In 1958, the Blue Mouse faced eviction when the property was sold and the building was to be torn down. Mr. Forsythe removed the Blue Mouse sign and moved it to the former Capitol Theatre building in August, 1958.

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