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Ed Maas Residence - 3/6 Wurlitzer
Eugene, Oregon
Organ installation timeframe: 1964-1990's
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Maas residence Wurlitzer, c.1973
Ed Mass had a 3/6 Wurlitzer installed in his basement. The organ was originally from Portland's Blue Mouse Theatre. Ed modified the console to have three-manuals. The extra manual came from a 3/12 Wurlitzer console belonging to Bob Rickett (former Baltimore Loew's Century Theatre Wurlitzer). He also designed one of the chamber walls to swing open for easy access to the pipes and other parts and added a roll player capable of playing 88 note piano roles or Kimball player organ rolls.
Ed was also a locomotive buff and had a miniature steam train in the backyard!

Ed's son controls the engine while Dick Schrum and Bill
Peterson enjoy the ride, c.1966.
The organ was sold in the mid 1990's to a party that plans an installation in the Fox Theatre Dallas, Oregon.

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