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Leonard Vernon Residence - 2/12 Robert Morton
Astoria, Oregon
Organ installation timeframe: 1960 - 2001
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Console in the living room of the Vernon residence. OCATOS Photo by L&JN.

OCATOS Photo by L&JN
Leonard Vernon had parts from several instruments including a two-manual Morton from the Antlers (Indian) Theatre in Roseburg, Oregon. Mr. Vernon acquired the organ from the Roseburg Methodist Church after a fire nearly destroyed the church. Parts from the 2/4 Kilgen originally installed in Portland's Capitol Theatre were also included. The Kilgen was previously owned by Ted Marks of Portland.
The organ was sold in 2001 to Walter & Merlyn Johnson of Tacoma.
Photos courtesy Jen & Luurt Nieuwenhuis, Oregon Chapter ATOS, 2001

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