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Astoria (Viking) Theatre - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style B
Astoria, Oregon
1218 Commercial St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1925 - mid 1930's
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Commercial Street, Astoria Theatre on right, c.1930s
There were two locations for the Astoria Theatre. The first was lost in the great fire of 1922.
A new Astoria Theatre was built on Commercial Street and a 2/4 Wurlitzer (opus #1059) was installed in 1925.
In the mid-1930's, the theatre closed and the building was converted for use as a bank. The Wurlitzer was moved across the street to the Liberty Theatre.
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Commercial Street showing Astoria Theatre building, c.1940s
The organ remained in the Liberty until the late 1940's when it was purchased by Bill Blunk for $250. In 1954, Bill installed the pipes in his Astoria Blue-C Roller Rink but played them from a modified Hammond and later, an Allen console.
Early in 1956, Bill moved back to his native Indiana and took the organ with him. In 1958 he returned to Astoria with the organ and installed it for a short time in the Viking Rink along with a 3/9 Marr & Colton he had acquired while in Indiana.
In 1960, Bill acquired the large 5/24 Marr & Colton from the Rochester Theatre, Rochester, New York. This instrument was installed at the Viking Rink and the Style B Wurlitzer was sold in 1961 to Laurel Ruby of Corvallis, Oregon. In 1966, Don Rittenburg of Portland purchased the instrument. In the 1986-1987 timeframe, Beth Adkison of Port Orchard (Kitsap area of Washington) purchased the instrument. In July 1999, George Perks of Spokane, Washington purchased the instrument.

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