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Sherman & Reed Funeral Home - 2/4 Wurlitzer
Butte, Montana
Broadway at Arizona St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1931 - 1966
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Sherman & Reed, c.1930s
According to the Judd Walton Wurlitzer opus list, this 2/4 Wurlitzer (opus #363) was originally installed in 1920 in Lewiston's Paramount Theatre. It was eventually repossessed by Wurlitzer and resold in 1928 to the Grangeville Lyric Theatre. In 1931, the organ was moved to the Sherman & Reed funeral home in Butte, Montana.
The following ads ran continuously in The Montana Standard from November 1933 to December 1944.

Ad in The Montana Standard November 10, 1933

Ad in The Montana Standard December 12, 1944
According to the OHS Pipe Organ Database, Sherman & Reed put the organ up for sale in 1966 and sold it to Reiny Delzer of Bismark, North Dakota. Current status is unknown.

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