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George Brown - 2/9 Smith
Twin Falls, Idaho
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George Smith purchased the former Olympia WA Capitol Theatre Smith organ in the 1980's.
Unfortunately, the only pictures of the organ we have found are these of the large Smith 16' wood Diaphones. George Brown of Twin Falls Idaho offered the large pipes for sale in a 1980's issue of The Console magazine.

From The Console, V18, No 8, August 1980, pp24:
ORGAN PARTS FOR SALE - 85 note Smith Flute to 16 including chest for bottom 24 notes, $300; 16 12-note wood Diaphone with chest, $700; Smith Diapason to 8, $125; Smith Bass Drum, 2 foot diameter with two actions, $200; Smith swell shades with 8 actions, each 5x6 foot, $100 the pair; B & B 49-note String chest with 90 ohm Reisner valve magnets, $125; Church stoprail with 39 tabs, $35; Kinetic blower, 250 cu in at 3 ins, $100; Spencer 5HP minus fans, $50. George Brown, 1734 Poplar Avenue, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301, or call (208) 734-1822.

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