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Colonial (Paramount) Theatre - 2/6 Robert Morton
Idaho Falls, Idaho
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A glimpse of the Colonial Theatre signage, date unknown
The Colonial (Paramount) Theatre originally had a 2/6 Robert Morton installed in 1921.
According to Jim Clark of Salem Idaho, the organ was removed from the theatre in the 1950's and installed in a home in Salt Lake City. "The pipework was in the attic of an old home with the shutters mounted on the ceiling over the dining room. The blower was in the basement."
Jim acquired the instrument in 1980. He installed it in his parents' home where it played until removal in 1993. The organ is now being installed in a large 40x72 building on Jim's property in Salem.
The organ includes the following ranks and percussions: Flute (97), Baritone/Diapason (85), string and string celeste, Vox and Clarinet. Marimba, Xylophone, Orchestra Bells, Chimes.

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