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Frank White Residence - 3/ Wurlitzer
Victoria, B.C.
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The following is excerpted from the Vancouver Island Organ Gallery at:

"Having taken a fancy to theatre organs, Mr. White decided to make his indoor pool area his music room also. Two patio doors connected the pool area to a greenhouse, so he moved the greenhouse back about twelve feet and built a chamber between, with shutters above the glass doors. For a second chamber, he walled off the deck behind the diving board.
On the pool deck was a hulking 3-manual Wurlitzer console, refurbished in white and gold, equipped with a Devtronix MIDI controller. On the walls were mounted bass tibias, a set of chimes, a set of orchestral bells, a rank of sleigh bells and a chrysoglot. The chests of the marimba hung from the ceiling on tracks, so that they can be pulled from their niche for servicing. Through the glass doors one could see brass trumpets and other pipework, tremulants, and a goodly number of traps. The piano tabs engaged a Kurzweil KP-500 across the pool from the console.
Mr. White died in 1995. The organ was sold and broken up for parts."
The organ initially was to have a three-manual Morton console previously owned by Gordon Potter of Portland, Oregon. Plans changed, and a Wurlitzer console (purchased from organ dealer Bob Maes) was used.

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