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Christ Church - 4/17 Wurlitzer
Vancouver, B.C.
690 Burrard St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1911 - 1949
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Christ Church console, c.1920. Image courtesy City of Vancouver Archives, public domain
Although not a theatre installation, Christ Church had the Pacific Northwest's first large Wurlitzer organ. It was among a handful of instruments that were originally contracted to Hope Jones Organ Co., but then delivered by Wurlitzer following their acquisition of Hope Jones in 1910.
According to the Junchen opus lists, the Christ Church organ was a 4/17 with pipes voiced on both 10" and 15" wind pressure. The organ had a 25 horsepower blower.
Famed French organist Louis Vierne visited Christ Church in March 1927 as part of a North American tour. Apparently he struggled with Wurlitzer as described in this snippet from Rollin Smith's 1999 book Louis Vierne - Organist of Notre-Dame Cathedral, p.399.
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The Wurlitzer served the church until 1949 when a new Casavant organ was installed. The new instrument incorporated pipes and other components from the Wurlitzer. Disposition of the Wurlitzer console immediately following the 1949 Casavant installation is unknown.

Interestingly, in the 2008 timeframe the console was offered for sale on an Internet For Sale site. Note the installation of Casavant-style swell shoes. Current status of the console is unknown.
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Jim Tarling with the Christ Church console in storage, c.2008
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Console in storage, date unknown

Regulators and pipes in storage, date unknown

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