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Steak & Pipes - 3/9 Robert Morton
Fairbanks, Alaska
124 N. Turner St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1980 -
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Click for a larger version of this image Steak & Pipes c.1981
The Steak & Pipes instrument came from Uncle's Pizza in Anchorage.
In THEATRE ORGAN Journal Jun Jul 1981, it was stated that restaurant management planned to "go back to a completely restored two-manual Kimball console, and [add] several Skinner ranks." It is not known if these changes were ever completed.
The June-July issue of THEATRE ORGAN lists Glenn Cooper and James "Jim" Eales as organists at Steak & Pipes.

Interestingly, there was also an establishment named Uncle's Pizza in Fairbanks. Since Uncle's Pizza in Anchorage was the source of the organ used at Steak & Pipes, it's possible the Fairbanks establishment initially operated under the name Uncle's Pizza and was later renamed Steak & Pipes, but this has not been verified.
Images of token from Uncle's Pizza, Fairbanks
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