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Stadium High School - 2/ Estey
Organ installation timeframe: 1917 -
Tacoma, Washington
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Stadium High School, 2002
Stadium High School had a two-manual Estey brand pipe organ (opus #1315), that was previously installed in 1914 in Tacoma's Colonial Theatre by the "Moore Instrument Company." In 1917, the organ was moved to Stadium High School in Tacoma. Three stops and traps (percussion effects such as cymbal, drum, tambourine, etc.) were added. Current status of the Stadium organ is unknown.
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Scene from "Money," the Stadium High School Senior Class play, 1920
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Stadium H.S. Principal Mr. Ball at the console
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One of the three pipe chambers
Black and white photos are from "The Tahoma, Commencement edition" June 1920, a monthly publication of the class of 1920, Stadium High School. Courtesy Jeff Ryan, 2003.

The Tahoma article included a brief specification of the organ including some very unique spellings for the division and stop names. It is not known if these were the actual stop names on the console or something conceived by the author.
Great Manual-- Dulcearia, 8; Clarebella, 8; Flute 4; Open Diaparm, 8.
Swell Manual-- Salicionel, 8; Vox Celute,8; Har Flute, 4; Oboe Barion, 8.
Luell-- Tremolo; Bells, 26 Bars; Viol da Orchestra.
Echo-- Lamba, 8; Quintadena, 8; Cornopean, 8; Vox Humana, 8; Chimes, 21 Steel Rods; Tremolo.
Coupler-- Swell to Great; Swell to Swell; Great to Great; Luell to Pedal; Great to Pedal.
Pedal-- Gadacht, 16; Bourden, 16.
One Electric Motor, two horsepower.
One Electric Heater.
2-1/2 Miles of Cableline.
One Organ Bench.

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