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McKinley Park Theatre - 2/4 Wicks - Robert Morton
Tacoma, Washington
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The Park Theatre was located in Tacoma's McKinley Hill neighborhood. A Wicks-built Robert Morton theatre pipe organ (opus 452) was installed in 1923. PSTOS member Doris Cooley played at the Park in 1928-1929.
In 1931 the organ was enlarged to a 2/8 and moved to Tacoma Radio Station KMO by Balcom & Vaughan.
In 1953, the organ was moved to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tacoma. In 1956, it was removed from the church.
The organ's disposition was unknown until March 2011 when Bob MacNeur of Portland, Oregon reported that the organ was found to be installed in the Piedmont Presbyterian Church on Cleveland Ave in Portland. This was verified by its original Wicks shipping tags. Interestingly, Bob reports that the main windchest layout actually has five ranks instead or four: Diapason, Flute, Vox and two strings.

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