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Adams Skate Rink - 3/10 Robert Morton
Tacoma, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1954-1965
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The Adams Skate Rink organ was originally installed in Portland's Orpheum (Pantages) Theatre. In 1954, Balcom & Vaughan moved the organ to the rink for a cost of $8,067. It was B&V opus #616.
In 1965, Dick Schrum of Seattle purchased the instrument. He planned to combine it with a Kimball Trumpet and Posthorn from the Stanton Theatre in Baltimore. The organ was stored in Harold Musolf's downtown Seattle business for several years. Unfortunately, a fire in an adjacent building caused heat damage to some of the parts. The organ was eventually sold to an individual from Ashland, Oregon.
Editor's note: The Junchen Balcom & Vaughan opus lists are incorrect in that it is stated that in 1954 the firm installed this instrument in the "Federal Way Roller Gardens" rink. This error was carried over to the Junchen Encyclopedia opus lists for Balcom & Vaughan and Robert Morton.

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