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Ridge Rink - 2/7 Wurlitzer
Seattle, Washington
620 N. 85th St. at Fremont (Greenwood)
Organ installation timeframe: 1939 - 1945, 1946 - 1974
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Laverne Little at Ridge Rink, c.1967

Ridge Rink collectable sticker, c.1940s
Ridge Rink had two Wurlitzer instruments during its operating years:
In 1939, opus #360, a 2/9 Style 210 was installed. This organ was originally installed October 1920 in the Winter Garden (Progressive) Theatre in Seattle Washington. This instrument was destroyed in a fire in 1945.
In 1946, opus #435 a 2/7 Style 170 was installed by Balcom & Vaughan. This organ was originally installed July 1921 in the Rivoli Theatre in Pendleton Oregon.
A large Morton Tibia Clausa rank was added.
Ridge Rink was owned by Bill Vance. The rink operated as "Vance's Ridge Rink" and "Phinney Ridge Rink." It is not known when each of the names was used. The rink operated from the late 1930's until the 1970's.
During the 1960's, Laverne Little was the rink organist.
In 1974, the organ was removed. Its disposition is unknown, although the Judd Walton Opus List indicates that Dave Gentry of Bremerton bought the instrument.

Owners Mr. & Mrs. Bill Vance, c.1967

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