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Tokay Theatre - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style 135B
Raymond, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1920-1947
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Tokay Theatre, c.1930
The Tokay Wurlitzer, a Style 135B (opus #319) was shipped from the factory in May, 1920.
In 1947, the organ was moved to St. Paul's Evangelical Church (now St. Paul's United Church of Christ) in Seattle.
According to Jim Stettner, the instrument still exists and is about "75% original."
"It was installed by Balcom & Vaughan at St. Paul's on NE 65th & NE 12th in Ballard in 1947 as their opus 462. At that time they added a new Organ Supply, 8'/4' Open Diapason on new chests (zinc basses + canvas lead) and replaced the original Vox Humana with a tc 8' Dulciana. They also provided a "new" console, although it does not look like other B&V consoles from that period. It may have been a used, retro-fitted Everett "Orgatron" console....which B&V did use several times."
"In 1948, as their opus 474 they added the bass to the Dulciana on a new offset chest. I do not know whatever became of the original Wurlitzer console. But the original harmonic Tuba, original flute, and original string are on their original Wurlitzer chest. AND the original Wurlitzer relay is present and controlling the organ."

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