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WSU Physical Sciences Bldg - 2/7 Robert Morton
Pullman, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1974 - present
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The organ was donated to the Washington State University Music Department by the local Cordova Theatre owned by the Struppler family. It was used for a few years and then placed in storage for more than 35 years. Dr. Jim Park, Chairman of the Physics department and an accomplished theatre organist, together with Professor Emeritus Al Butler and Dr. Edward Donaldson were responsible for rescuing the organ and placing it in the large A. B. Butler Lecture Hall of the Physical Sciences building in 1974. Funds for the installation were donated.
Dr. Park played the musical accompaniment for the showing of silent films in the "Masters of the Cinema" course. He also used the instrument to demonstrate low frequency sound and high volume for physics students.

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