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Red Apple Theatre - 2/4 Robert Morton
Omak, Washington
Organ installation timeframe: 1929 - 1932
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The Red Apple Theatre originally had a 2/4 Robert Morton installed in 1929. The instrument was moved in 1932 to the Mills & Mills Funeral Home in Olympia WA.
In 1996, the organ was sold to Lann Copeland of Victoria B.C. who had heard the instrument several years before. The console was refinished in white, and rewired to accomodate additional ranks at some future date: flute, tuba, clarinet, flute and string celestes. The instrument sat partially installed in his downtown Victoria B.C. music store for several years, but was never installed. The main wind chest with Tibia, Diapason, string, and Vox Humana ranks was on display in the shop window, with the bass Tibia pipes piled about.
Interestingly, Mr. Doug Twibell, one of the owners of Mills & Mills during the time the organ was sold to Mr. Copeland, has recently re-acquired the organ. It has been installed in the Fern Hill Funeral Home in Aberdeen, Washington which he has recently purchased.
With the assistance of Andy Crow, former staff organist at Mills & Mills, Mr. Twibell was able to locate the organ at Lann Copeland's store in Victoria. In the Fall of 1999 he negotiated purchase of the organ and trucked the console, pipes, parts, cables and all, to Aberdeen.

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