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Spore Residence- 3/18 Wangerin
Bothell, Washington

The Wangerin is the Spore's second organ. They originally had a 2/4 Style B Wurlitzer which has been sold. Their current instrument came from St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The instrument can be played manually, or by a Moller Artiste player unit, circa 1930, formerly from a funeral home in Winnipeg, Canada.
The Spore's initial Wurlitzer instrument was originally installed in the Montlake Theatre in Kelso, WA. In 1936 it was installed in the Dyer residence in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle. In 1941 it was moved to the Drew residence in the Blue Ridge neighborhood. This house was eventually sold to owners who had no interest in the organ and it fell into disrepair.

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