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Fern Hill Funeral Home - 2/4 Robert Morton
Aberdeen, Washington
2208 Roosevelt
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Console of the Fern Hill Robert Morton
Doug Twibell, new owner of the Fern Hill Funeral Home, acquired the 2/4 Robert Morton organ from Lann Copeland of Victoria, B.C. This organ was originally installed in 1929 in the Red Apple Theatre, Omak Washington. In 1932, the instrument was moved by Balcom & Vaughan to the Mills & Mills Funeral Home in Olympia. Interestingly, Mr. Twibell was one of the owners of Mills & Mills when the organ was sold in 1996 to Lann Copeland. He was assisted in relocating the instrument by Andy Crow, staff organist at Mills & Mills for many years.
In the Fall of 1999, Mr. Twibell negotiated purchase of the organ and trucked the console, pipes, parts, cables and all, to Aberdeen. Eric McLeod of Olympia spent nearly six months installing the instrument.
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Left: Installer Eric McLeod in the chamber with some of his handywork
Right: Chapel of the Fern Hill Funeral Home, console in concert position
An introductory concert was given in the Summer of 2001. Andy Crow, Dolores Yates (organist on the instrument at Mills & Mills for 18 years in the 1970's and 80's), and other local organists were invited to share music at the event.
There have been annual "silent movie nights" every year since 2001, on the night before Halloween, October 30th. Films shown include: "Phantom of the Opera" (twice), "Gold Rush", Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Steamboat Bill Jr." a festival of Laurel and Hardy short films, and one Easter time showing of "King of Kings".

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