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Multnomah Bible College - 2/6 Wicks
Portland, Oregon
90th & NE Glisan
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The Multnomah Bible College and Central Bible Church are proud owners of three pipe organs installed and maintained by Art Thompson and his crew of volunteers.

  • The first organ is an historic 1915 3/33 Estey, Opus 1178, originally from the Reed College Chapel. It is now installed in the Central Bible Church sanctuary.
  • The second organ is a 1924, 2/5 Austin "Chorophone", Opus 1275, installed in the school's Chapel in 1987. This unique instrument has been restored to its original condition and is used regularly.
  • The third organ is a "new" Wicks theatre organ (built in the 1970's) installed in the school's gymnasium.

    Prior to the Wicks, a 1925, Style D Wurlitzer, Opus 1079, was planned for the gymnasium. This instrument was originally from the Broadway Theatre, Newburg New York where it remained until 1948. Unfortunately, the instrument was in poor shape and the decision was made to sell the Wurlitzer and acquire the Wicks.
    Like all gymnasiums, the room is extremely reverberant and will make any organ sound spectacular. The Wicks is installed in one chamber high above the crowds on the west side of the room. A large section of concrete has been removed to permit installation of the swell shades. The console is will be on disconnects and moveable so that it may be stored in a remote location and played from just about anywhere in the room. It is also MIDI equipped so that if an organist isn't available for a game, the sports-announcer can still use the organ with pre-programmed, sequenced ditties we have come to expect at a game.
    Prior to the Wicks being purchased, Art Thompson purchased the two-manual console originally from Portland's Majestic Theatre. The console was originally planned for the Wurlitzer installation but was later sold to an individual in Australia.

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