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Silverwood Theme Park - Ice Palace - 3/17 Wurlitzer
Athol, Idaho
Organ installation timeframe: 1995-2002
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Visitors to the Silverwood Ice Palace in Athol, Idaho, would have thought Bellevue Pizza & Pipes had been reincarnated! Same organ, same windows, same arrangement of pipe chambers, same percussions hanging on the walls outside the chambers! It spoke, however, into a much larger room - 80' x 100' with 25' ceiling, and bleacher seating for 700 people.
Installation began in early February 1995, with everything being reinstalled exactly as it came out of Bellevue. The only major snag encountered was completely unexpected - the blower which handled the demands of the instrument beautifully in Bellevue at sea level just couldn't provide enough of the "thinner" air found at an altitude of 2400 feet! Pipes operating on 10" of air were fine. However, those requiring 15" were left wanting. A replacement blower was acquired to solve this difficulty.
The ice floor was located between the console and the chambers, enabling the organist to see the action on the ice.
PSTOS member Greg Smith played the organ daily for ice shows during the 1995, 1996 and 1997 seasons. Due to cost constraints, the ice show was scaled back and the organ was not played for the 1998-2002 seasons. Recorded music was used instead.
In September 2002, the Wurlitzer was sold to George Brown of Twin Falls, Idaho. Mr. Brown plans a residence installation for the organ. Several of the large scale 15" pressure ranks were offered for sale soon after removal.

Although the Wurlitzer has been removed, the Silverwood Theme Park still operates daily during the Summer season. The park is located in Athol, Idaho on Highway 95 about 15 miles north of Coeur d'Alene. The 200 acre park is reminiscent of a mini-Disneyland with a great deal of entertainment for the family. Gary Norton, owner and developer of the park, claims a lifetime love affair with old airplanes, and has made air shows a part of the entertainment. There are many exciting rides including the new-in-1996 55mph Grizzly Roller Coaster and the Thunder Canyon raft ride. There is plenty to eat, and lots to see.
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